They said “Yes” Now what?

Your Customers Are Hungry for Accessories That Personalize Their Vehicles!

Do we pick and choose which customers we upsell maintenance items to in the service drive? No we don’t!

Do we prequalify which customers to present financial service products too? No we don’t!

Why would we not present personalization items on the showroom floor? We should!

Let the client shop for and buy accessories at the point of sale, in your service drive and at your retail parts center.

When you do, you can expect an average of over $500 in
additional sales revenue per order!

To Complete the “Accessory Sales Integration Process”

You Just Have to Ask!

The number one reason dealers don’t get their fair share of the multibillion accessory market is simply that they don’t ask for it.

Research shows most customers don’t even know about the dealer’s product offering. However, when surveyed – accessory buyers would actually prefer to buy from the dealer directly.

The evidence is irrefutable. If you have sound pricing and commission structure in place, and present accessories to your customers, you will sell more accessories. This has been proven time and time again. Paper-based methods, highly advanced visual configurators and everything in between are all almost equally effective. What is the difference between them? Ease of use. And that is why we have focused all our efforts on making SOCKS easy for everyone.

SOCKS Configured By You, For How Your Store Operates

Simple yet powerful, your store can be set up within 5 minutes. Imagine setting the entire pricing — from profit margins, to labor rates for every part in the catalog that quickly. Our system can do that. Even revenue sharing accounting modals.

Built For The Whole Dealership

It has to be easy if it is going to be used, so we built this to be flexible enough to work within your current environment. Paper-based menus? You can build them automatically. Showroom floor presentations made by the sales person? Absolutely. Service Lane upsells? You bet. Using iPads? Or Computers? Or large wall-mounted TVs? It works everywhere.

Measure Success and Find Opportunities

Proper, accurate data is the linchpin of a successful accessory program. Our real-time metrics provide a global perspective of performance, right down to the individual sales consultants and their presentation performance.

Simplified Order Tracking and Fulfillment

Accurate data is pivotal in a successful accessory sales program. It answers all the important questions. Is the tool working? Is there a point in my process that is causing a delay? Who is most successful at selling accessories and why? Our real-time metrics break it all down for you. From global performance data, to departmental gains and on down to the individual sales consultant.

Get Selling Today!

Quick and Customizable for How Your Store Operates

We offer three levels of the SOCKS accessory sales system tailored to your store’s
level of involvment.

• Intellasearch Search Bar: From any page in the application search the entire catalog by part number, part name, or by entering YR, vehicle model and any part of the accessory name for an  active results list filtered by keywords.

• Latest Products: Call out of latest products with quick view for fitment, dealer net, Ford part MSRP, part description, Ford recommended install time, category, vehicle fitments and FAD  inventory.  Quick add to “wholesale parts order” cart and fast check out enter PO and order part.

• Create Accessory Wholesale Order (CPS Dealers Only): Easily create a stock order or special order trackable with dealer choice of entering customer information for easy internal tracking.  Search complete history of all parts orders.  See FAD time stamp and add notes and special instructions to FAD.  See when order was processed and estimated shipping information.

• Pricing and Profit: Create Dealer global default pricing strategy.  Set parts department mark up, service labor costs (true cost, internal cost of sales and retail labor rate).

• Retail Order View: Ability to view complete history of every customer presentation ending with items in shopping cart and saved.

• Enhanced List by Vehicle : Quickly view installed dealer-specific pricing by department.  Part MSRP, part cost, parts department mark up, part cost to sales, labor time, labor rate, labor cost to sales, total installed cost to sales, sales dept.  gross, sales commission and sales department net profit.  One click conversion to show retail installed price.  Export and print functions.

• Create Printed Sales Sheets with Retail Installed Pricing: Templates provided to create custom (Dealer Specific) with dealer pricing and ability to select item from dealers catalog.

• Unlimited Users

  Kiosk Mode: No log in version of Retail Presentation Capable.

• Enhanced Intellasearch Search Bar: One click drill down to detail part view.  Edit part information, cost, sale and labor with on click.  (Dealer controlled permissions).

• Enhanced Pricing and Profit: Create custom pricing strategies by category, brand or down to the part number.  Create custom shared profit strategy (revenue sharing) with up to 4 different buckets to direct profit into.  Track and account for sales person commission.

• Priced Under Cost Alert: Any product that display a retail inadvertently priced under cost will be flagged.

• Image Database Access : Access all OEM and custom part location of Image only link provided for dealer custom e-commerce and marketing campaigns.

• Enhanced Retail Order View: Order status from Sold to fulfilled, declined and maybe later order status bar for a clean and easy blueprint to create an integrated accessory sales process with tools for accountability at every step.  Generate “we owe, receipts, declinations and detailed order recap for accounting and fixed operations.

• Add New Product: Create catalog of custom products.

• List Custom Product: View all custom products separate from OEM products.

• Add Custom Packages: Create bundle or “packages” of all accessories in catalog, allows bundle discounts, set retail price and adjust labor time for package.  Set flat rate commission.

• List Custom Packages: View Packages in standalone window for easy access to edit.

• Create Promotional Codes/Coupons: Access to an easy promo code builder for on the fly repricing or discounts down to the part number level.

• Order Status Advancement: Order flow process from “presented to completed.”

• Alert System: Unlimited access to custom alert process for any user in the system at any order status point.

• Enhanced Reporting: Complete suite of analytics and KPI performance reports.  Drill down to part number and presenter performance.

• Permissions: Manage default permission at “role” and “user” level.

• Manage Own Parts: Edit descriptions, images, costs and labor times.

• Declination: Track declined accessory presentations.  Helps keep all due bill items centrally and digitally tracked and accounted for.

• Show Popular Products Feature: Dealer specific “most popular accessories sold” at the year and model level.  Ability to prepopulate up to 4 “most popular accessories purchased” per fitment at the part number level.

• Display Avg Monthly Payment: Set/show average payment on the part detail customer facing page.

• We Owe: Custom we owe-due bill tracker to track all no charge items promised to customer.  Helps keep all due bill items centrally and digitally tracked and accounted for.

• Add Additional Parts to Order on Demand (not in catalog): Add upon checkout additional parts not in catalog for a quick product add.

• Custom Message on Kiosk: Create a unique message for customer check out page on kiosk orders.

• Display Sales Tax on Retail Orders (kiosk): Display Sales Tax on Retail Orders (kiosk).

• Display Sales Tax on Retail Orders (web): Option to show and calculate sales tax on part and labor separately.

• Enable Website Access : Embed your entire catalog on your website (I-frame) show DIY pricing, sales tax, online check out and payment.

• On-demand Custom E-commerce Marketing Templates (HTML) : Target market your customer existing data base with on-demand HTML marketing templates at the part number and fitment level with “click to buy” from your webstore.

• Custom Message for Website: Custom Message for Website.

• Embed Product/Presentation Videos: Embed a custom video or any web hosted video at the part number level for customer view during presentation.

• Custom Email Marketing Builder

The Evidence is Irrefutable:

  • Over 50,000 Retail Customer Presentations

  • Over 23,000 Retail Orders

  • $12,000,000 Dealer Retail Sales

  • $5,383,527 Dealer Profit

  • 47% Retail Closing Ratio

  • $537 Average Retail Revenue Order

  • 1. 6 Parts per order ($53 Parts Profit)

  • 0. 8 hours of labor sales per order ($66. 16)

  • $141. 51 Sales Dept Gross Profit Per Order

Results That Speak for Themselves

We understand that theories are nice and all, but it is results that ultimately matters. And we are proud of our results. Every single dealer who has used our system as designed has realized a noticeable increase in accessory sale.

To receive a proposal or for additional information, please contact: 833.288.6762